CA = 42% of US ADA suits

Economic Hardship


Did you know . . .

           . . . at least 42% of the ADA/accessibility lawsuits in the U.S. are filed in California?

For years, many thought more ADA lawsuits were filed in California than in many other states combined, but the situation turns out to be much worse than many had imagined:

7162 total Federal type 446 "pure ADA/accessibility" cases in U.S.
2991 total Federal type 446 "pure ADA/accessibility" cases in California in same period
California has a higher rate of unemployment than the national average, despite strong tourist, technology, entertainment and other industries.  Many think California's hostile litigation environment makes it difficult for small businesses to remain open and expand. 

Many businesses have closed as a direct result of ADA/accessibility lawsuits; examples of people who can't find jobs in California are everywhere.  How many of the growing number of people sleeping on California streets are there because a lawsuit closed their employer?

The statistics above are understated because they do not include the tens of thousands of ADA/accessibility lawsuits which have been filed in California's state courts, or the many which have been categories other than the new Federal "446" case code.  Accordingly, most agree that California's true percentage of the total number of ADA/accessibility lawsuits filed in the United States is much higher than the 42% figure suggested above.

For purposes of comparison, see Census department data showing that California only has about 8% of the population in the United States=>
California only has about 8% of the population of the U.S.